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Key Aspects of Time Management

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

In this world of fast-paced technology & business, the one thing which all of us need/want is to establish a good and healthy relationship with TIME. If can master the art of Time Management then you have mastered life.

Does this resonate with you?

You never were in alignment with trendy terms like productivity, to-do lists, goal setting, etc. But you got intrigued and took the step of making your first ever to-do list and were all set to make it in your life.

The day started and you see that you just woke up an hour late. Now you are in rush and off with a jet’s speed to tick those boldly written tasks off the list. The first one only ends in the evening, and there you go. You feel like you were never made to do these productivity exercises and your life is a complete mess.

But honestly, this is okay. You just need to find your way of dealing with time and things.

Now Does the situation given below sound too good to be true?

You woke up on time. Did your morning routine, a bit of exercise or yoga, reading. You're on time at your workplace. Not dealing with deadlines. You finish all your tasks for the day and even plan the next day.

Do you feel this is too idealistic? Let me just tell you here that it’s very much possible. The challenge here is, you have to be okay if some days it doesn’t go like you planned.

What are the common problems we face?

So when we are talking about making a better relationship with time management, first and foremost we must know about the obstacles we are facing and are required to be tackled.

The most common dialogue which can be pointed here is we don’t find enough time to do a thousand things we wish to do.

Sometimes we’re just so tired or drained that we don’t find the energy to even keep our eyes open.

Let’s introspect here:

Do we really don’t have the time? Or is it the mental energy we’re short on?

Does the process or task doesn’t feel worth it or rewarding enough to us?

Sometimes we are just jam-packed with stuff we aren’t that happy doing and in turn, there’s no time left for stuff we actually want to do?

It’s very much to do about our energy levels at different moments and knowing ourselves. Knowing what can pick you up even after a 12-hour job shift which you hate and what can put you to sleep just at the mention.

How do we concur with our time management issues?

So now that we know the problems we’re tackling let’s talk about the solution.

Let’s get on common ground and I’d like you to know that you’re not getting any timetable to follow, any new rule of time management like the thousands that exist already. Now, don’t leave right away. We are talking about a deeper and meaningful solution.

On this note, I’d like to introduce you to the WHAT, HOW & WHY principle.

Most of us are functioning like this:

We know what we’re doing, probably are aware of how are we gonna do it. But the most essential 'WHY' isn't defined.

Let's switch this a bit:

You have to define your WHY first. What is the reason behind you performing a particular task and simultaneously not the others?

Once you know the WHY, figure out the how. The process or steps.

If you follow this carefully and with a whole heart you’d see that whatever you are doing, it’s something you’re are aware of and are prepared for it. Even if you don’t like it, you now are aware of it and know that there’s something to be taken care of.

Once you are aligned with this principle you can use all your productivity hacks, timetables, tracking apps which will now give you the best results.

It’s quite to do with knowing about yourself. Keep in mind there’s no life-defining rule. Don’t get to follow mindlessly any checklists or timetables and feel bad if you fail to do it.

We all are unique so why not add your touch to whatever you do. It’s so much in lines of energy management which in itself is a thing to tackle. Let’s keep it for a different blog.

Till then have a happy time, managing your time.

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