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Virtual Trainers


The only Course you'll ever need to kick start & accelerate your Online Training business. Whether you are an aspiring or established Coach/ Trainer/ Facilitator or someone looking to teach online in any field- this is a Must- Attend Course.

For complete end to end learnings on being a successful Online Trainer

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Build a

Sellable Workshop

in just a


Therapy Session

Acing the Interview Game

INR 799

Slay the interview with this power packed guide that preps you for all kinds of interviews, whether physical or virtual.

Want to launch your own

Virtual Training program ASAP?

This workshop is exactly what you need

for a quick, easy & complete learning in mastering the art of your own Virtual Training.

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Soccer Practice

How to be a "Goal Digger"

INR 999

Book now to unlock the key to "Self-Discipline"

Writing by the Water

Winning the Writing Skills

INR 499

Whether you are drafting an official email or trying to pen the perfect essay, this course is the only reference you'll ever need to ace your writing skills

Taking an Exam

Ace Your Exams

INR 999

An intensive course covering Learning & Study Skills/ Exam Strategies, Note taking & Revision techniques. Aimed at College/ School students who want to make the most of their academic course.

Home School

Help Your Child Succeed at School

INR 899

The ultimate cheat sheet to get your child to study stress free.

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A customized program redefining the way you life your life! Learn how to dress to impress and leave lasting impressions with your persuasive communication skills. A Personality Enhancement course focusing on Confidence Coaching & Life skills like never before!

Waitlist Special for

INR 7,500 /- 

30 Day to a New You

INR 9,999

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